I blame my clients!


It wasn’t part of my bucket list to develop Parents, Tweens and Sex. My clients who were parents/carers/educators of tweens complained there was no suitable resources to support them in having conversations about confronting sexual issues with their tweens and challenged me with “you’re meant to be the bloody expert – you write something!”


So, I did.


Back in 2013 when my collaborative partner Swinburne University and I first launched PTS, we designed an app for the iPad. People complained that they wanted to open the app on all digital devices including iOS and Android platforms.


We listened and we delivered.


I have updated the information with the latest statistics, as well as links to other resources. I want PTS to be the launching pad to enable adults to best manage the challenge of informed, engaging and respectful communication around sexual issues for their tweens.


With the exceptional collaboration of Associate Professor Nicole Wragg and her 2017 Swinburne University design student team, PTS was reborn as a unique and stimulating resource that inspires positive, enjoyable and practical conversations.


Sarah Calleja and Swinburne University invites organisations and individuals to download and add this material to their websites free of charge on condition that nothing is edited and must appear with the following statement:


Sourced from Parents, Tweens and Sex Copyright © 2017 Sarah Calleja PTS. All rights Reserved


Parents, tweens and sex is a not-for- profit venture, where Sarah Calleja is utilising her resources and those of her collaborative partner, Swinburne University, to ‘pay her good fortune forward’. “We believe that the sexual health of our community is greatly enhanced when parents/carers/educators are able to facilitate the sexual intelligence and informed decision making of tweens.”


Sarah invites users of PTS to contribute what they feel their experience is worth, according to their own financial ability to projects like ‘Go against the flow’. 


‘Go against the flow’ started as a health awareness initiative, and has become a girl power movement, aimed at celebrating difference and tackling taboos such as identifying and exercising pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence. The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles activated during sex. As such, the message and information are complimentary to PTS.


Another option is to support Swinburne’s Annual Appeal for Student Achievement Awards for the Communication Design Programme. Go to 'Giving to Swinburne'

Swinburne University


I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous collaborative effort of both staff and students at the Faculty of Design, Swinburne University of Technology for the development of the initial app for the iPad released in 2013 and now the updated app available on all platforms.


Associate Professor Nicole Wragg, Course Director of Communication Design (Honours) program, once again generously facilitated the collaboration of students and staff at the Faculty of Design. Dr Wragg understood the importance of the project and the educational benefits for her students in the Honours program. In 2013, she constructed a team of staff who worked to develop a logical way in which Parents, Tweens and Sex would fit within an existing unit of study working with Honours students and staff:


The initial design collaboration in 2013 included:

Associate Professor Nicole Wragg,

Associate Professor John Bassani,

Early Career Researcher Chris Waller

Designer and technological genius Mike Hopkins.


The students who developed and managed the project included:

Candice Ayad

Leonie Beatson

Gretchen Dobson

Conlan Normington

Samuel van Ingen.


I would like to acknowledge the work of all the 2012 Honours students: the initial presentations were breathtaking and left me with a difficult job of choosing one concept.


The extraordinary and talented 2017 design team members:

Benjamin Chaves

Benjamin is a digital media designer with a near obsessive passion for digital 3D, VFX compositing, and coding in game development. Nearing the end of his Bachelor of Design at time of writing, his professional creative philosophy is simple: in the business of awesome. In his spare time, Benjamin’s hobbies include writing, acting, a healthy amount of gaming, and an unhealthy amount of gaming.

Deborah Hoh

Deborah is a graphic designer who loves to use different forms of image making techniques to create interesting and in depth visuals. With a background of art and photography, she has a wide skill set to draw on for many types of projects and has a diverse style. Her hobbies include making music and blogging on social media sites.


Jayden Ryles-Smith

Jayden is a graphic designer currently completing his honours degree in communication design at Swinburne University. Jayden specialises in hand drawn creations and one day aspires to become an illustrator. His hobbies include drawing, basketball and of course beers.

Nicole Giannenas

Creating meaningful and interesting design is the motivation behind Nicole’s work. From researching, art direction to solely designing the look and feel for this complete rebrand, she has truly immersed herself in this project to ensure that it helps communicate the nitty gritty details of relationships as best it can. Outside of designing this resource, Nicole is completing her Honours degree in Communication Design at Swinburne and is passionate about publication design, branding and beers.

Rob Ghitoaica

Rob is a junior designer. As a contributor to the team, Rob handles client communications and is the editor for all things being sent in or out. Nothing is left unseen, whether it be a single sketch or final deliverables for a project. He specialises in procrastination, minoring in illustration, branding, and advertising. He has an eye for detail and a growing passion for all things digital.

We were privileged to be recognised as finalists in the Premiers Design Award for 2013.

Permiers Design Award 2013.jpg

Sarah Calleja author of Parents, Tweens and Sex at Premier’s Design
Awards Evening proud and delighted at the success of the Design Team.

Awards ceremony photo.jpg

Associate Professor John Bassani, Gretchen Dobson, Sam van Ingen,
Sarah Calleja and Associate Professor Nicole Wragg at Premier’s
Design Awards Evening.

Both teams worked consistently to produce the Parents, Tweens and Sex applications. Working at the cutting edge of digital applications and responsive design, these teams designed and produced as well as art directed peer contributions; they responded to constructive criticism from their lecturers and navigated the designer/client relationship. I would like to acknowledge their professionalism and dedication to Parents, Tweens and Sex.

Swinburne University


We would personally like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah for her ongoing support, trust and faith in us during this project. It has given us the opportunity to further enhance our design skills whilst communicating and creatively interpreting a real client brief. We would also like to thank our Swinburne lecturers for their assistance and encouragement during the design progress.

With gratitude

to the Sexperts and Experts

I also appreciated the professional feedback for my international peers: One of the advantages of creating this app was the opportunity to further associate with the calibre of these professionals in the field of sexology.


Professor Richard Wassersug was an adjunct professor in the Department of Urologic Sciences at the University of British Columbia and Dalhousie University. In additions, he is an adjunct professor at The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society (ARCSHS), La Trobe University.


Gila Bronner MPH MSW certified Sex Therapist; Director, Sex Therapy Service at Sexual Medicine Centre, Sheba Medical Centre, Israel. She also trains Sex Therapists in Mental Health Care


Ronny A. Shtarkshall PhD (Medical Physiology-Hebrew University); Family Marriage and Sex Therapy (University of Pennsylvania).


Richard, Gila and Ronny generously gave their limited time to apply their extensive expertise in sexuality when offering edits for this for PTS.


Writing the material is one part of the requirement for PTS app, the other part is the vision and inspiration of Communication Design leaders who guide their students to excel. I was extraordinarily fortunate that Associate Professor Nicki Wragg accepted the challenge of creating PTS app. As the Course Director of the Communication Design (Honours) program at Swinburne University of Technology and teaching at the nexus of research and practice focusing on conceptual design and technology, she was well positioned to deliver on her passion to connect and link students to opportunity facilitate innovative projects.


Her research examines design practice, co-design and network technologies, which informs her approach to design education. Her in-depth knowledge and experience in the practice of Communication Design has been recognised and awarded in eight distinct awards. She has worked with Swinburne Online to transform studio-based design curriculum to delivery that is fully online, providing rigorous design education to a wider audience. She has reimagined and implemented innovative methods that ensure the ongoing relevance of design traditions within the context of technological change within design and society.


I truly appreciate the long suffering of my son and daughter who tolerated my mischievous experimentation. Although, they did enjoy the look on the faces of new friends when they informed them their mother was a sex therapist!


And finally, heartfelt thanks to my husband and best friend Mario who believed in this project and has always supported and inspired me to be achieve my creative potential.



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