When does the 

fun stuff start?

Happy Sex,

Your Choice!



I choose to have sex only after I’ve developed a friendship with someone who I know I can trust. I choose someone who understands and respects me; someone who can be honest with me and with themselves.


I choose to be with someone I can talk to, a person who is my best friend. Sometimes we can come to the same decision; sometimes we can give and take and sometimes agree to disagree.


I choose to be safe and I know how to be safe and there is no greater sexual protection than the truth. Same goes for my partner.
This is non-negotiable.


I choose to have fun and that means we have to know and like each other enough to laugh with each other, because we get each other! If we can’t laugh together, then we can’t relax,
experiment and enjoy being sexual together.


Yes means yes and no means no! I choose if I want to have sex. I choose the person, the time and the place that’s right for me, because I can!

Flirting With

Your Partner

Laugh a lot

It boosts your mood and is infectious.


Attend to your grooming

So you look and smell good for each other.


Ask a question to show you are interested

Personal questions work well because everyone is an expert on themselves, and it makes them feel valued.


Read body language

To complement what's being said so you can respond to the whole conversation


Create memories

That you are proud to share


Treat your partner

To their favourite music or movie



As if you care what's being said



Look into your partner's eyes


Getting Real

About Sex



In the Twilight series, Bella obsesses about sex with Edward, but she remains a virgin. Her dream of sex is that it is the perfect pleasuring of two beautiful people who are spiritually innocent and well intentioned. In her dreams, just the right moves are made in sync to a funky soundtrack in the background. No one is fussed by condoms or worried about STI’s, and certainly no one fumbles or farts.



Millions of people have read Bella’s dreams.

What’s the attraction?

If Bella and Edward fumbled and farted, would they spoil the dream or would they be having more fun?
Is the suspense more delicious than the actual act?